Friday, October 14, 2011

friday five

five things i'm looking forward to this weekend...

1. shooting a new family this evening.  new, meaning someone i've never met before.  this is a first for me.  i've always known the people i've shot before (in one way or another).  these people are totally strangers.  family of 4 plus a dog!  SO excited.

2. shooting a friend tomorrow evening. this friend is an old gymbo friend, so i'm looking forward to seeing her - plus meeting her family.  at gymbo, we used to talk about our families non-stop, so it will be really neat to meet the folks that make her who she is!  :)

3.  GYMBOREE outlet tomorrow.  yay!  though, i'm only getting christmas PJs for holly, but still. i LOVE gymbo.  i wonder which kid (or both) will want to go with me.  my kids LOVE to shop!

4.  spending hours processing photos. FUN!  it's like eating fudge.  too hot to touch when it's cooking (i.e. the photo shooting, can't really see how they really look on that little viewfinder), so when it cools (upload), it's like eating fudge when i process them.  ok, maybe a bad analogy but if you process photos, you probably know what i mean.  i LOVE doing it.

5. spending time with my family!  between all the shooting and processing, i'm sure i'll have plenty of times when i'm like "WHAT!?!?!?!" but still, i'll enjoy my time with them too.  suppose i'll have to move the laptop to the bedroom for the night! unless it is slumber party night... kendal and i haven't had one of those in a while.  holly hogs all my nights!  my kids are awesome.

1 comment:

  1. Shooting families...I know what you mean of course but at first it sounded a tad alarming!

    When are you going to start packing for the cruise?

    Just a little over a month away!



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