Monday, October 17, 2011

manic monday

this one is for my husband.   and it requires a little story as a prelude.

back in the days after college, i had an awesome roommate that LOVED racing.  southern racing (nascar).  i was never a fan, but when there were short tracks and restrictor plates, i could watch it (lots of wrecks). in nascar, wrecks are sorta cool i guess. 

fast forward to 2006.  i went to my first indy car race with nathaniel.  it was hot.  really hot.  still, i'm not a fan of racing but those cars are FAST.  and loud.  it didn't win me over but i think indy racing is a tougher sport than nascar and i WAY more respect those racers.  wrecks are not cool and incredibly dangerous.  we went to another race that summer in richmond and i had a migraine.  yea, again, it was ok.

nathaniel is a HUGE dan weldon fan.  so last night when we saw on tv that he was killed in a massive pile up wreck, that was really really sad and surprising.  not only is he a good racer (eh, he won the 2011 indy500) he is also a husband and a daddy to two adorable, young little boys and loved by many many folks - even ashley judd who was sobbing in the 5 lap tribute. so, so sad. i bet he was a nice guy.  nathaniel said he was (i'm pretty sure he met him) so i believe him.

so, long story over, here's my manic monday tribute to dan weldon.  and nathaniel.  hope you find another racer to cheer for (helio).

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  1. Thank you. I met him several times at Richmond, and he was incredibly nice and charismatic. I have several candid pictures of him and Tony Kanaan chatting between their trailers, and at least one of him signing my flag for me.

    I honestly cannot believe he is dead. I was in shock when I found out. I thought your Dad was pulling my leg. And most importantly, I discovered I better learn how to grieve because I obviously do not have the skills to communicate under emotional stress.

    From pain comes strength.



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