Wednesday, October 19, 2011

what i want wednesday

well, it's wednesday.  for a week now, i've been wanting something so much that i can't even think straight.  the time is coming, and i need to decide! not that i'm gonna be getting it tomorrow, but i will soon enough.  like, soon as i sell my current camera and accessories (interested?)  anyway, i can't decide if i should upgrade to a...


i want a full frame camera, AND both make a "semi-pro" full frame camera and that's the one i'm shopping for.

Canon 5D Mark II

Nikon D700

the cons to upgrading:  my old lenses (all nikon) are all DX, meaning they are made for the 1.6x sensor of my Nikon D5000.  so, basically, my old lenses will need to be sold with my old camera.

pros to upgrading:  well, obviously, a full frame sensor (just like the old 35mm film sensor size). plus both have a high ISO (take better low-light photos). 

facts about the cameras that make the decision about which to get really hard:
nikonfx 12.1 mp, canonfx 21mp (= massive file ...what if that large file size kills my computer?  extra cost)
nikonfx is 6.3 oz heavier(and also larger) than the canonfx.
nikonfx is better in low light but the canonfx has better resolution. not that i print posters or anything!
nikonfx has a built in flash, canonfx does not.
nikonfx costs more than the canonfx (we're talking like $500 to $600 for the body).  nikon lenses and accessories (flashes, etc.) are also more expensive for some reason!  guess you pay for the name.
i am already familiar with nikon's settings, though the D700 is a little different. i am not familiar with canon's settings but supposedly it is really easy - way easier than a nikon in general.

so, what will it be?  any advice?
this is worse than picking out furniture.  frankly, it costs more too!


  1. I have very limited knowledge about the technical aspects of the cameras, but this is my advice:
    What is your goal in upgrading your camera? Once you define that goal, then I think you will know which camera will help you accomplish that goal the best. Good luck ... have fun!
    P.S. In several of the digital photography books I've consulted, it is said that as long as you have a 6 MP camera (that will create professional looking 13X19" prints), then anything above and beyond is just above and beyond!

  2. Hey huni, I have the Nikon D3100 and I love it ! ! I'm still getting used to the manual settings but the auto settings are great to use :) ... My little sister has this one aswell and finds it really easy to use.



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