Saturday, October 22, 2011

photo challenges

this photo was entered into the paper mama's photo challenge "faces" -
i love the way she's looking at me.  so trusting, so loving, so needing.  i love her so much!  and for the record, it was the only second she wasn't talking on the walk down from the top of mt. mitchell.  she's a talker for sure!  :)
The Paper Mama

This photo was entered into the i heart faces photo challenge "let them be little" -

her ballet class was actually dancing to the itsy bitsy spider and this was the part where "out came the sun"... after this song, they all wanted to hear the barney song!  i'm not sure if it is a song and dance class or a ballet/tap class!  holly sure loves it.


  1. I love your photos she is so cute! She stopped talking so you could take the picture <3

  2. She looks like such a sweet heart!

  3. There is nothing cuter than ballerina's at this age. They are so fun to watch.



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