Thursday, October 13, 2011

what to wear - my spreads!

well, i just went through our closets.  i REALLY didn't want to buy anything new for our photos, so i tried to see if i could pull something together out of what we have. 

i did!  amazing.  even out of my OWN closet! (i didn't try it on though, so i can't say for sure it fits!)

anyway, i made two spreads - now, to pick which one looks the best!  what do you think?

really, the brown scheme is for a warmer day and the orange - for cooler weather, but really, which do you like better (color wise)?  the only thing i would consider changing is holly's outfit on the orange spread.  i saw a gray dress at old navy and i think i'd rather have that on her than the orange top OR, the orange top with some sort of sweater.  just the top isn't enough, she needs something else.

anyway, here they are!



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