Thursday, October 20, 2011

friday five

this is the best friday five ever!  this afternoon (yes, it's still thursday) i got to take holly to her 2nd dance class.  mom took her to the first one and will take her to the rest of them, but she had a dentist appoitment today so i "had to" take her (yay!)

anyway, i took my camera (of coarse!) and they were find with me poking my head in the door every few minutes to snap a few shots.  these were all without a flash and they are sorta grainy.  the lighting was horrible BUT i think they still turned out OK.  WHEN I GET MY NEW CAMERA this won't be a problem!  :)

so, for my friday five, here are five photos i took yesterday of holly in her dance class!  :)  (ok, so i may end up putting on more than five, but here are at least five!)

on last thought - here are five photos that clearly show holly's face!  the others are either blurry or of some other part of her body! so now technically i did make a friday five.  except, it IS thursday... eh.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, I LOVE the black and white photo of her feet! What a great perspective!

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