Tuesday, October 18, 2011

top ten tuesday - things that are running through my head

not really important, but yesterday i couldn't focus at work, last night i woke up at 2:30am, and today i'm back to not being able to focus.

so, here are the top ten things that keep running through my head.
1. nikon or canon?
2. fair or vollomer's back 40 or hill ridge?
3. am i getting sick?
4. am i getting a migraine?
5. my legs hurt.
6. i'm SO tired.  i need to sleep.  i wish i could sleep for 4 days but not because i'm sick. 
7. how do i write this?  (re: a task order at work)
8. should i color my hair again or not?  my hair sure is looking dull. why isn't it growing?  it's been the same length for a year now.
9. brown or gray?
10. why in the world does vollomer's not open until 11 and why aren't they open on friday? 

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