Tuesday, February 7, 2012

about holly

i thought i'd take a break at work to write about holly. 

she's 3 years, 1-1/2 months old.
she likes to sleep with mommy.  and when she's "really really sick" (her words, she just had a bad cold), it is a great excuse to do it for consecutive nights. (i have a hard time saying no.)
sometimes, she gets up really early to take a shower with mommy.
she likes to help cook.  when making little pizzas, she likes to sing patty cake.
she really likes pizza.  and mushrooms, raw.
she's a really good helper. 
she's never had a haircut. 
she does not like the vacuum because it is loud.
she likes raw carrots but only whole (not baby carrots).
she does not like to race.
she likes to watch belle, but she thinks she is sleeping beauty.
holly will only eat vanilla ice cream, and prefers it in a cone and with sprinkles.
she's a good matcher, and she likes to wear big bows in her hair.
she's actually pretty good at washing windows.
holly loves to have her nails polished:  she thinks the metallic colors have sprinkles in them.
granddaddy calls her puddin'.  holly says "i not puddin'".  so, she calls him granddaddy puddin'.
she likes to dress herself.
she has 4 pairs of boots.
she thinks deodorant goes on boobies.
she can ride in an elevator now without freaking out.
she likes to twirl.
she can whistle, but it is a suck-in whistle and really deep in tone.
she smiles all the time.
she loves to write and draw, though Hs and Os are the only letters she's good at so far.
she likes animals, but she isn't smitten with them.  too many swats and bites from the cats.
she is shy a little, and soft a lot.

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