Saturday, February 18, 2012

valentines day

catching up... being sick this week (both them and us) has made me miss some important photo ops!  like, the kids taking their valentines to school... the kids OPENING their valentines (and enjoying the candy...) i did, however, get a few shots of their finished products a couple of weeks ago.  thankfully, these were in the bag long enough for any tag-along germs to be dead by the time any recipients took them home (something about "here's a lollipop for you, with a side of strep" doesn't sound very loving...)

(last one is poorly exposed!!!)

and, i figured out a design flaw in my valentines as i was putting those yummy little suckers on them.  as you can see, the lollipop blocks the words!  next time, i will think about that ahead of time.  not that i'll do this design again for my own children (unless they are with a new group of kids...)

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