Tuesday, February 7, 2012

about kendal

so i just wrote about holly.  she was easy.  she follows me around like my shadow on a sunny day.  sometimes it is like holly and i share a brain. kendal, though, he is different.  he is a daddy's boy.  writing about him will be more of a challenge.  i had to put two pictures here because they both show his personality.  one picture could sum up hers, but i didn't have any recents ones of him that did that.

picture 1 show kendal's face - he's wearing his favorite coat, a smirk on his face, he's sitting in a crouched, squat position, one arm sorta laxed, one knee up, like he just looked up from examining something on the ground.  his knees are probably dirty. the picture is very him.  on the other hand, picture 2 shows him with lacy, who is "his cat."  the sun shines on his back and he is up on the hill exactly where we tell him not to go because that is where the cat poops.  this also, is exactly him. 

so, now that i explained my photos...words about kendal:

kendal loves animals.  lacy sleeps with him.  on a saturday morning, it isn't unusual to hear him say "she only bit me twice this morning mama!"
he likes to choke the cat.  that's why she bites him.
kendal loves trucks.
and chicken nuggets, french fries, and sprite.
when watching sports, kendal likes to act out what he is seeing on TV.  it's really funny to watch. i need to make a video of him doing it.
kendal is infatuated with buses. and motorcycles.
he loves dogs, and wants one really bad. 
he also loves bears and zebras.
kendal is left handed.
he likes to throw sticks in the woods.
he can pick up pine cones and the prickles never bother his hands.
he likes to fall down (on purpose).
he has 3 pairs of shoes but wears only one pair 99% of the time.
his favorite coat is green.
he can write his whole name, in a circle.
his most favorite food is grits, he can eat 4 servings in one sitting.
it takes him about an hour and a half to eat a meal.
he goes to sleep just about every time we are in the car for longer than an hour.
max and ruby are his favorite characters. he also likes the fresh beat band and dinosaur dan.
he loves puzzles.
he likes to have his ears kissed.
he is REALLY ticklish.
he likes to be chased, and he likes to race as long as he always wins.
he is the fastest.
he calls escalators "excavators."
he does NOT like to get his hands dirty!
he is more of a watcher than a helper (in the kitchen).
he likes to keep his toys straight and organized.  if they aren't in the right place, he'll let you know about it!
he is a wanderer.  meaning, he can't be trusted to stay put.  even if he says he will.  he'll walk away, far away, in the blink of an eye and scare you to death. 
he tries to wipe his butt.  he is not good at it yet.
he has always peed standing up.  once i saw him pee sitting down.  i think he did it by accident.
he always puts the lid down. he will fuss at me if i forget.
he doesn't like to wash his hands.
he says he has "a job" - sometimes it is at the mall, sometimes it is at a game.  for example, at a baseball game, he thinks it is his job is to run the bases.  at a mall, his "job" is to play on the play equipment.  he thought his job after the NCSU basketball game was to go down to the basketball court.  he was sorely disappointed. 
he likes marshmellows and jellybeans.
he can eat a can of garden peas by himself.
he can talk to anyone, about anything.  he is an extrovert for sure.
he gets frustrated easily.  he seems to think if you don't succeed the first time, scream really loud and try it.  usually it still won't work because screaming doesn't fix much.
patience is not one of his virtues.
he likes to flirt.
he also likes it when people growl at him while making dinosaur faces.
he likes dinosaurs. because they growl.
don't tell him anything that you don't want him to tell a stranger.

oh my gosh.  this list could go on for-E.V.E.R!  kendal is so funny.  he is a constant source of humor in our house!  and frustration.  suppose he balances himself well.  holly is 100% sweet and kendal is 75% funny and 25% hard-headed!  we sure have us a pair of good kids.  not alike at all! except they are both very loved.


  1. I totally LOVED both of these posts! Wonderful, Analee!

    Now I miss them :-(

    BTW, you should try writing a similar post about a) Nathaniel and b) You. I think I may take up this challenge with my dog and my cats. I already did a long entry about Mr. B years ago. Hmmm...maybe I should go see if it's all still true!

    Thanks for the sunshine today!

  2. PS I know mom and dad don't read our Blogs because, well, they don't.

    Please please please send both of these to mom. Print them out, if you have to. She'll REALLY appreciate it!



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