Thursday, February 9, 2012

how landfills and black history month are related

well, simple.  i work with landfills.  we have old files from back in the 70s (that's when the EPA was established).  recently, i was going through some of said old files and came across some letters written by african americans living just downstream and across the river from one of the oldest communities established by african americans in NC. 

i often get stuck reading these old letters in the 70s files.  these letters are priceless.  i LOVE how these, in particular, talk about how white people and black people live side by side and get along.
(click to enlarge and read)

transcription:  the part that worrie me the most is that it might effect my water level and the place where the road are to be are all most in front of my house.  We are negros and we have white friends all around us and we thank God for them we get along fine together. Any help that you can help us with we will glad of it fact to

i don't like how things in this one implies segregation, however, i like that the "white man" (whose name i blacked out) was a friendly person to all races.  back then, i guess in this town, that was sorta ahead of his time.

transcription: These fifty homes are both black and white.  Please help us by sending these County Commissioners some guidelines for a landfill not to be located one-half mile of anyones home.  This garbage dump will be a health hazard.  Will it effect our well (drinking water)?  These white Commissioners tell us the state has approved this but will not say who in the state would approve such a public place for a landfill.  We love our homes and please tell us what to do.  Could you send one of your HEW representatives to see Mr.  XXX (White), XXX Co., XXX, NC?  Mr. XXX will be glad to show him the true facts. May we hear from you soon.
although i know discrimination still exists, i'm glad that i am not planting its hateful seed in my children. 

i have another one to post tomorrow (or soon) about an african american woman who was way ahead of her time in a different way.  she was an environmentalist!  rather, a conservationist!  to come...

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