Friday, February 10, 2012

black history and environmentalism

this one is my favorite.  this letter excerpt is from a series of letters written between this lady and the state's  dept of health supervisor (from 1975). i know she is an african american women  because she refered to herself as a "negro" in a different letter.  she was an environmentalist at heart before there were really a such thing, i think.  out of all the letters i've read, this is only the 2nd one i've read like it.  this one was from cumberland county, the other was from a western county, also written by a woman. 

i took the time, after work, to search her name in hopes that she was either alive or that i'd find an obituary with family names on it.  if my grandmother had written letters like this, i would have loved to had a copy (or the original, which i would have sent the originals and put copies in our files!!!)  unfortunately, i did not find anything.  and though she refered to her husband many times, she only called him Mr. and never by his first name. 

transcript:  There is too many road thru the wood, and there is a close door refrigerate, two of them that were illegal dumping by someone of the color family.  If you should take a walk thru there, in the wood, and see all the beautiful wood all cover with trash and no bird singing.  There is a lot thing that started to make comeback, because of the clean up trash.  And a lot of chameleon who is also being helpful in eating up the insects.  And it is still ashamed that the people still drive thru the wood and dumping it was a lot of hard worked, and it took two month, I go in there everday, and pick up the recycling materials, and we make a profut of $35. And we do it every day , of clean up earth day.  Some group of conservationists, would clean up maybe once a year.  So the only way we ever going to stop the people from illegal dumping, is to block the road, with huge piles of dirt.  There is too many road thru the wood, and death end, and more trash.  I have try to block the road, with some death tree branches.  It help some.  No matter who the land belong to, it should not be the place for the dumping.  If we are more enforcement in plawing dumpsters, in these local area, it would be less illegal dumping.  Please give it a try.
isn't it beautiful? 

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