Monday, February 20, 2012

our one (and probably only) snow for 2012!

 we got a little snow last night.  not much, and it started after dark.  the kids didn't see it snowing.
 it took them a while to notice the white stuff outside after they got up.  we had a 2 hour delay this morning.  when they saw it, they both said they wanted to go outside.  so, they got dressed and went outside.  holly is the brave one.  it was a little slippery.
 it didn't take kendal long before he joined in.  turns out, it wasn't slippery on the rug.

 also turns out that you can jump on it.


 next we had to see what it felt like to walk on it in the yard.


 it was fun, and it crunched.  just a little.  there wasn't much to walk on.

 holly wanted to taste it.
kendal, come taste!

kendal didn't want to taste.  so, holly ate all she could.

when we got inside, kendal's hair turned out to be a real treat.


  1. Digging that Kendal hair! BTW, it was 85 here yesterday...



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