Monday, February 20, 2012

animal fair

one day in the car, holly wanted us to sing animal fair.  i think she said "i went to the animal fair, the birds and the bees were there."  i had no idea what she was singing, i hadn't ever heard that song before.

i asked mom later that day to see if she knew it (for those of you that don't know my mom, she is and has always been a preschool teacher and knows every song that every was for children).  she laughed and said it was a song from her mama's generation. and yes, she knew the words.

even later, i asked her if i could record her singing it. to my surprise, she said ok, if holly would sing it with her.  this is not that video because it turns out that holly knows a different version than the one mom knows.  it was funny to "teach" mom the song. so, here is the video of the one where holly and mamaw are singing the same song together, and kendal is not screaming in the background... and remember i'm a photographer, not a videographer though clearly i was testing out those mad skillz i do not have...  ha!

here are the lyrics, i think...
i went to the animal fair,
the birds and the beasts were there.
the big baboon, by the light of the moon,
was combing his auburn hair.
the monkey went kerplunk
and sat on the elephant's trunk.
the elephant sneezed - AH CHOO - and fell on his knees,
and what became of the monk, the monk?
the monk, the monk, the monk....

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