Monday, February 20, 2012

holly's first haircut

she really just needed the ends clipped, in the past couple of weeks, she started getting tangles.  i asked her if she wanted to get her hair cut and it would turn into real drama - tears, bottom lip poked out, etc.  she thought hair cuts were painful i guess.  anyway, i tricked her into going with me yesterday (to snip-its in brier creek/raleigh).  when we were about 5 minutes away, i asked her if it'd be ok if she got her hair cut while we were out shopping.  DRAMA~  fortunately, it was raining and she got to carry the umbrella by herself (i got wet) and there were lots of kids in there getting their hairs cut so she got to see the place in action.  she was excited once we got inside.

the before photos:

she saw a couple of kids come out to get their "prize" out of this thing.  she was really excited about that.

almost her turn!

still posing!

still before, all stylin' with her necklace (from the box you gave her, amy - still plays with those dress up toys!)

i thought it'd be good to get a memory of how much "first" hair cuts cost for the scrapbook!

and, here we go!

 in the chair getting her hair sprayed!  her stylist is the beautiful and patient monica.  she was so nice, both to me and to holly - AND did a great job.   we will definitely go back to her.  not just to snipits, but to her specifically. 

starting the trim!!!

look down holly!

almost done!

Monica put a cute little butterfly bow in her hair.  Holly was in LOVE!!!  she really thought she was something else!!!

here she is!  can't even tell it was cut, really, except no tangles this morning!

this morning the first thing she said to her teacher was "ms. christie, i got a haircut!!!"  she was so excited.  she said on the way home today that she was ready for another one.  i was sure to explain to her that only grownups cut hair, and in a hair salon.  not kendal or holly!!!  because she was showing me how she got her hair cut, and lets just say if she gets a hold of some scissors... she'll end up with very short hair.

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  1. Ah...glad she did ok and that she still likes her BLING from Aunt Amy! She's looking so grown up!



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