Saturday, February 18, 2012

what happens when kitty has a hole in her back...

not our real kitty, build-a-bear kitty.  though, she is "real" to holly and kendal.  a few weeks ago, she had a hole in her back (where she's sewn up in the store after she "comes to life"/stuffed in the store) and she needed a repair.  we took her to the build-a-bear store the next day, but first, doctors holly and kendal had to "fix" her first.  kitty is a great patient.

first, we started with a bandaid.  it really was necessary, otherwise those little fingers were gonna make that hole really big. 

then, they did the normal things, like listening to her heart beat and taking her blood pressure, etc., as well as all sorts of crazy things to kitty.  who knew she also had a broken arm, a splinter in her nose, and needed to be spayed.  and, her throat cut.

yes, he is taking her temperature from her eyeball.

he got it right here (we use an ear thermometer).

no, wait, kendal!  not the foot!

now he's checking my knee!

 she's telling her it won't hurt (taking her blood pressure).  and yes, she must wear the glasses when she plays doctor. (amy, they came in the kit you gave her...)

splinter in the nose! ouch!  or maybe she's getting a deep bugger?  lol.  not sure.  either way, it looks painful.

here holly is using the scalpel to cut her throat.  thankfully, she doesn't know what the tool is or what it is meant for, she's just "using it" for "something."  
always have to check the ears for monkeys.

 medicine makes everything better.
 even if you get double dosed!?!

 kitty is a star patient!


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  1. Sweet!

    I keep meaning to ask you; how did you get the "you might also like" gadget on your blog? The only ones I see are most popular (and it just keeps bringing up that stinking Microsoft Hearts Cheats post on mine!)



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