Tuesday, April 20, 2010

duke gardens

this past weekend, i got to visit duke gardens for my very first time.  i met an old friend and her family there for some practice picture taking!!!  we had a great time, her kids were sweet as can be.  i even got a high-five from her son when we left!  lucky for me, they are all VERY photogenic.

here are my touched-up results!  (not much touching, either!)

so many of the pictures were great.  it was hard to "settle" on just these.  However, this set of photos really grabbed me, so i put them together on one page.  isn't it adorable???
thanks for letting me practice on you guys!
and for anyone else wanting something REALLY cool to do for a birthday party (or adult ones too!) check out her website: she is the owner of lil' chef in raleigh.  i can't wait for my kids to get big enough to have a party there!!!


  1. It's such a pretty location. I keep forgetting about it; they even allow dogs. Time to go for a Spring picnic!

  2. i love love love the picture series at the end. LOVE IT.

  3. My favorite is the last family picture!



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