Thursday, April 22, 2010

what i've learned in photoshop

here are some of the ways i can edit a photograph.

here is an unedited photo, straight from my camera:

for this one, i lightened the photo and brightened her eyes.

this one is the above picture, desaturated (removed the color).

next, i gave her a pop of color:
as for the borders, i can do both "burnt edges" (dark around the outside) or a vignette - in this example, i used white for the fade color.  i can do any color (even black) and, i can do it larger, darker, or in the shape of a rectangular or ellipse.  (this one is a rectangle.)

which edit do you like best?


  1. First off, she is gorgeous!

    I have to go with the desaturation.

  2. she was as sweet as she looked too!



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