Sunday, April 4, 2010

things around mamaw/granddaddy's house

testing out the new tool!  it is awesome.  easiest camera i've ever had - even NOT on "automatic" which most of these were taken with the auto selection, but some not (i was trying to try out what i learned by reading the instructions last night).

the bees were busy pollinating the blueberry bushes!  they were so busy that they didn't even notice me taking their pictures!

found this old birds nest in a tree - do birds reuse them from year to year?  this one was about the size of a cereal bowl.

can you find the 4-leaf clover??? i see two.

Holly and Kendal playing with their Easter baskets - we're still playing "find the eggs" - and i bet we will be for months to come!

the tulips are in full bloom at mom and dad's house.  these have the biggest petals i believe i've ever seen.  dad also said he tried to pull the all up last year, so these are all "volunteers" - so funny, we still have the same 5 tulips we planted the spring of our reception at our house, they've never multiplied!

The garden started growing last week, also.  This is a row of corn (I think), peas are to the right, potatoes are to the left beyond the row of sprayers (they aren't up yet).  ever wonder what to do with an old graduation gown?  well, dad had a good idea - this is the 2nd or 3rd year for this scarecrow!  his face/head is a tight ball of plastic bags, like from the grocery store.  he's standing on 2 tobacco sticks strapped together (so they are tall).

peach tree blooms - dad apparently has two different kinds of peaches.  or, one kind of peach and some other kind of tree.  i think they are both peaches though.  these blooms are a little past-peak so it was hard to find nice looking ones.  the bees have move on from here...  just ants and wasps around now!

 and who could forget the all-american jeep.  its the most functional piece of yard "art" i've ever seen.  ha!

some wood out in the shed.  this wood is as old as katelyn probably (who had a birthday yesterday, happy birthday kate!)  and, it burns fast too - it is dry as a bone!

eh, by the way, no editing done on any of these save the first three that have the "fisheye" effect.  i didn't crop or enhance (color) or anything.  i tell ya, a camera will only take you so far.  (i.e., you can be a good photographer and only go so far with a point-and-shoot camera - the camera makes a difference!  i'd like to thank my husband for bending our no-spending rules and allowing us to get this camera!  something like this is truly a luxury item, especially when we are living on one-income, but, i do plan on putting this camera to good use!  besides taking pictures of my own children, of coarse...) 


  1. So... what kind of camera did you end up getting? Last I talked with you, you were still between two.

    Now for my real comment -- the picture of Kendal with the basket on his head brought tears to my eyes! He has the look of a pioneer, ready for the adventure of life!

  2. melissa: a Nikon D5000 with two lenses - the 18-55mm and 55-200mm. awesome, just awesome. nathaniel played with it some this afternoon and i think he ended up taking as many pictures as i did! and, just as good too. it is hard to take a bad one with this camera (we had the 55-200 lens on there, that is the affordable super-zoom type lens).

  3. I love the pictures, Kendel and the basket is beautiful. As Melissa mentioned above (prior to reading her comment) when I was just looking at the pics I immediately thought Johnny Appleseed.

  4. I've got to third the motion on the table, that the picture of the Rocket is by far and away the most impressive of the bunch, even as outstanding as the others are... Melissa summed it up perfectly, you caught that pioneering spirit in his eyes, that look of someone seeing something for the first time... This pic would go great with Nathaniel's "O', Pioneers" blog, and after reading definition #1 of that link, I've got to repeat that Melissa probably hit it on the head describing that picture, because she's probably seen that look before... Definitely an awesome picture, it even goes with the all-american theme of the Jeep with the flag on the bumper... ;) And, my second favorite picture was the 4-leaf clovers...



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