Thursday, April 8, 2010

the interview

i had an interview today.  not just any interview, this was one for a job i actually want.  you know, unemployment requires you to apply for 2 jobs per week - that means that sometimes i have to apply for some i'd never want.  sometimes i even have to interview for them, knowing full well that if i was offered the job, i'd have to accept.  to receive unemployment, you can't turn down work.  and this by no means that i haven't been serious at any of my prior interviews - because let's face it.  you just never know when you'll see folks again.  i remember when i was looking for a job back in the early 2000s, i think i interviewed with everyone in the washington regional office.  when willie finally hired me, our admin assistant was introducing me to the entire regional office and i was stunned at how many people i'd already met.  they'd say "haven't we met before?" and i'd just smile and say "yes, you interviewed me a while back."  i understand that i wasn't the right person for the job.  but in the case in which i was hired by willie, i was the right person for it.  and thankfully, he saw that.  i don't really interview well because i haven't an ego and even if i did, i wouldn't know how to "stroke it" as they say.  i'm just humble, i guess, and i think that my success in prior jobs is just as much the people with whom i worked as my own responsibility.  sort of that "i was a part of a family" feeling.  even with ed it was like that.  so in an interview, i suppose i always make that clear. most of my interviews since last july have been rather empty - only during one did i feel like they were listening to me and were interested in my answers.  this interview today, well i felt like they were listening.  that is always a good feeling.  it is never good to leave an interview knowing that someone else already had the job.  it is also sad that an interviewer does such a poor job at interviewing that they let you know that like when they tell you "keep looking, we post jobs all the time" as you are walking out the door. that is never a good sign.  these two men, however, they did not give me that feeling.  maybe it was because they were good  interviewers, maybe it was just because they hadn't yet selected their next employee thus giving me a chance.  regardless, i felt as though i gave this one 110% (well, without the ego boosting since i'm not good at that).  i was just as honest as i could be about assessing my capability for the job.  this position would be in the same field but from a different perspective as ones i've had before.  i'd definitely have to learn a lot but i feel like i'm ready for that.  i'm really happy about my interview, whether or not i get the job, because i know i gave it my all.  and well, if i didn't get it, it was because there was someone better suited for it.  and in this case, i just know that i did all i could.  all i can do now is hold my babies tight as i can and leave it up to God. unemployment is running out soon.  conveniently, this is a great job and in my opinion - perfect for me.  now, did i convince them of that?


  1. BTW, the secret word I had to type for that last comment was "Dextris". I think that's one of those weird freaky things which must be a positive sign.

  2. First off, I love this new background!!!
    Second, I am keeping my fingers crossed, too. Is it a DENR job in Raleigh or something entirely different? Keep us posted!



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