Wednesday, April 7, 2010

not friends

it is funny to me the number of people getting on my nerves as of lately.  you know, on facebook (and other places like blogs since i am a "blog lurker"...)

these aren't my friends either.  these were my friends, or they are friends of my friends.  but back when i cut out all the people who i either just didn't like and/or weren't related to, well, they didn't make the cut. that means that i still see some of them commenting on my remaining friend's pages from time to time.  still, they get on my nerves.  like, to the point where i'm ready to do what my sister did and just forgo facebook altogether. 

apparently i've come quite intolerant of people who are egotistical and constant whiners (this blog excluded).  i know i complain from time to time and it is ok for some COMPLAINTS but a constant whine has just got to go, you know what i mean?  your misery does not want my company.

sort of like this (here i go trying to explain it in a way that does not indicate the folks of whom i am talking about...)

lets just say that i decide to sell my house.  and part of me selling my house means that i have to keep it clean.  if i complain about keeping it clean EVERY FREAKING MOMENT well then maybe i need to reconsider selling my house. right?  especially if you've been over to my house and seen that it wasn't really that clean to start with.  like the trash was stinky and the refrigerator had lots of rotten and old food in it and there were barf and milk stains all over the carpet from the cats and the children, respectively, and there was a ton of dried food and lint in the corners of the room and there was about 1" of lint on the floor boards... and the beds were never made and the toilets were dirty/stained and, in general, my houses was neither clean nor organized. you know what i'm saying???

or like seeing a person who constantly harps about good health and "diet and exercise" drinking a diet soda.  or smoking.  really.

ok.  so, that's it.  i'm almost positive that the folks to which i lurk and the FB people that irritate me don't read my blog so i wouldn't be "hurting their feelings" with my brutal honesty. ha ha.

ah the things i want to say...

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