Friday, April 2, 2010

easter pics

here are some other new pictures... now completely edited and these are actually on our wall - it was hard to replace the christmas pictures, they were so good, but, it was time to update.  :)

these were from last weekend (27mar) when we went to the easter egg hunt at riverwood (clayton) with katelyn.  the easter egg hunt pictures weren't great because #1 kendal hates the easterbunny and begged to go home because he was there and #2 after they finally got the hang of finding eggs (holly just liked to pick them up and throw them back down), kendal gave all his away to a little girl that he befriended.  as nathaniel said it best, "he is a benevolent soul!"  he even gave away his GOOD candy!

after we left the egg hunt area, we went over to kate's apt and took pictures by the big rocks.  they made a nice backdrops for our earthly home...

it was really hard choosing just 5 pictures because just about all of holly's were good!  i didn't take as many of kendal for some reason because usually he takes such good ones and holly is the one i'm left settling with...  the wall above our fireplace is arranged so that i have one large horizontal (mat for inches 10 x 13 but the frame is 12 x 18?) and then two 8x10 and two 10x8.  so, i am always limited by those when it comes to choosing pictures.  well, unless i move my nails... and, i don't want to do that.  :)  i like where they are!

anyway, those are our new "decorations" - kendal and holly love them, they talked about them all morning!

(and, PS... i took all of these but the one with kendal AND holly in it - kate took that one.  and the reason holly had such good pictures is because kate's friend, bobbie, and her husband, drew, came out and holly was flirting with drew!)

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