Wednesday, April 7, 2010

to wonder about God

i've been thinking about this for a few weeks now - you know, i've been to a few funerals in the past couple of years and fortunately for me (and them) they were christians.  these services were at churches and given by preachers who always read psalms 23.  i always took that as the funeral song and never really understood it well until a book that melissa gave me last year after i lost my job.  "traveling light" was the name and now i gave it to nathaniel to read.  it is probably one of the most moving books i've ever read.  it is one of those that i'll probably read again every year of my life.  it helped me understand that God never gives me anything i can't handle.  and above all, i just need to surrender and pray [to God].  it makes me wonder what people who have not found or have rejected God do when they are stressed.  or, what do they think happens when they die?  is it just over?  will they ever see their loved ones again?  how do they feel about their moms and dads when they pass - if they were christians?  do they think that they go to Heaven?  because if they do, then that means that they also believe (logically, that means that they believe in a Heaven, thus God - what is a Heaven without a God?)  i am sad for those who have not found or have rejected God.  i wonder what their funeral will be like. i mean, like will a preacher say psalms 23? when christian's die, especially old ones, it is hard to be sad. when my granddaddy died, i was not really sad.  it was upsetting to know that my dad lost his dad, but from a life-goes-on standpoint, i was not sad.  he was old, and he had a long, full life.  and, he smoked for probably 70 of his almost 90 years and he didn't die from cancer.  (that'll show 'um!) but for those people who have not found God, for those who do not believe that He gave His only Son for their sins -  for them, i will cry.  i will be sad.  heaven will be different without them.


  1. I really like this post Analee! The preacher that is marrying Thad and me actually prefers to use the 23rd Psalm at weddings instead of funerals. I went to a military funeral one time (I'm pretty sure the guy wasn't a Christian) and they still read the 23rd. Psalm, mostly for his family I'm assuming.

  2. i think reading that at a wedding is a great idea, erin, and i look forward to hearing it at yours. i do believe it is my favorite passage of the bible now. you should check out that book. it starts by describing two people getting married - with a lot of baggage (both literally and figuratively).



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