Thursday, April 8, 2010

guilty as charged...

saw this on melissa's blog, at which time i went to the original blog and saw it.

10 things i am guilty of doing.

1.  i am guilty of asking someone to do something for me and immediately doing it myself because I want it done at that moment.(this came right from cinderella's blog!)
2.  i am guilty of redoing something that someone has done for me when they aren't looking (or even if they are) because they didn't do it to my standards or liking.
3.  i am guilty of holding grudges when people do not acknowledge (which implies do not apologize for) the horrible things they have done to me or my family.  i pray about this a lot, both for their forgiveness in heaven and my ability to forgive here on earth.
4.  i am guilty of pretending for the sake of my family.
5.  i am guilty of wanting to go to church but forgetting it is sunday. every sunday.
6.  i am guilty of not being able to stop with one piece of candy. 
7.  i am guilty of not having structured exercise.
8.  i am guilty of using my dresser's horizontal surface as a collection area for "things that need to go somewhere" mainly because any last-minute visitors wouldn't see it, even if they came upstairs.
9.  i am guilty of using the internet too much. too much as in too many hours a day.
10. i am guilty of REALLY liking mantracker.


  1. Analee, I love your list! I am totally guilty of your #2 and #8 as well. I am realizing how much longer my list could actually be! haha.

  2. I clicked on the Mantracker link... I may be watching that (if I can find it) :-) Just what I need... another show to watch!

  3. And I do #2 all the time -- unfortunately.



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