Sunday, April 18, 2010

wild weekend!

i'm sit here at my computer - nearly midnight, editing pictures - and i'm noticing my right hand (especially the fingers on my hand) is actually sore.  the mouse clicking is nearly enough to put me into tears.  i've tried massaging my hand, but i'm not sure it helps.

i took about 450 pictures this weekend - in a matter of 24 hours, really!  first was kate's bridal portriats (too bad i can't post them), and today i met an old friend, susan, and her family out at duke gardens for portriats.  click, click, click... i nearly filled up my 2gb drive two times!  (ok, so not THAT nearly, but i was 2/3 the way there on both occasions.)

i have to say, though, that i'm really happy with what i got!  yesterday, i took about 200 of katelyn in two locations in all sorts of poses and zooms... and it was hard to delete even 30.  they were all so good, she's gonna have a hard time picking ONE for printing/framing for her bridal portrait.  from this morning, i took about 250 pictures over a 75 minute walk-around and only had 43 that i could delete because of shut eyes, open mouths, funny expressions, or my error (out of focus, over/underexposed).  keep in mind that a lot of these shots are duplicates in the same place - getting 2 to 4 people to look in the same location, have their eyes open, hair in place, smiles, etc. all at the same time is a hard job and i though the odds were stacked against me.  but, maybe not!  the entire family is quite photogenic, so maybe that was why i had good luck! i can't wait to share pictures from today!  susan will be most pleased, i think!

saturday afternoon after pictures, kate and mom and i went to the mall  (actually, only Belk's) and i got some cute clothes (which were desperately needed since last year's clothes are HUGE and falling off of me - thus why i opt for wearing yoga pants all the time.)  i went to have help picking out a dress for kate's rehearsal.  i already went a couple of weeks ago, but i need help when it comes to dresses.  we tried on SO much stuff.  it was hard to slim down my choices, but i'm happy with what i bought!  all of it was a good deal (regular sale plus coupons...)

so this afternoon (after the pictures) we had stamp club.  that was fun too.  those girls are a hoot, and i'm glad they are going to continue with a club because i'd miss them if i didn't get to see them every month.

oh, and the last thing that happened this weekend:  kitty escaped outside on friday.  we thought she may be in heat, so we looked and looked for her.  we couldn't find her.  we didn't hear anything friday night but on saturday morning, i heard one loud howl in the yard but i still couldn't find her.  about 30 minutes later, nathaniel went outside to see if he could find her.  he saw kitty and our local tom cat, gato sin nombre, outside laying beside each other.  nathaniel got kitty (who didn't run from him this time) and brought her inside, her neck was slobbery and her backside was wet.  he said "well, we don't have any virgin cats anymore!  she looks like she needs a cigarette."  it was hilarious.  ever since, she and lacy have been growling a lot.

tomorrow, kitty is getting spayed.  we aren't having any kittens...  especially crazy, feral, tail-less ones. 

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