Tuesday, April 27, 2010


here's some pictures from our first baseball game of the year (last monday - april 19th).  the kid's loved it so needless to say, we'll be going to a lot more games.  (i don't like baseball, but the mudcats games are actually pretty good!)

(in regard to the last 2 pictures,  i used to "shadow"'/work with a sports photographer in washington,NC - we did a lot of kids' team shots but also action shots.  of coarse with him, i had a SUPER fancy camera with the lenses to boot (so heavy, my arms would be tired after about 10 minutes) - these pictures were taken from half way up the general admission section in the mudcat's stadium, too far away to really "still" the arm or bat motion!  if you blow them up, you can see the ball in both of them!)


  1. hey. i am going to be working there some this summer so let me know when you want tickets. i should be able to get them starting tomorrow!

  2. we want them a lot! as often as we can! its only 30 minutes away and we had SUCH a good time. can't wait to see you there! glad you'll be working there again!

  3. I love the one of Kendal looking over his shoulder. TS



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