Tuesday, April 13, 2010

wipe solution

first, kendal is watching dora - and interacting with it. funny funny.

second, i've been using cloth diapers at home every other day and cloth wipes (at home) all the time so long as it isn't a poopy diaper for about a month now.  it has worked out great, we've saved a lot of money on diapers and wipes.

i finally came up with a wipe solution that worked for my children (and me).  i used several websites that had wipe solutions posted, but i think i modified several to come up with one i liked the most.  this one may be on there somewhere, but i can't remember.  (i.e. without claiming to invent the wheel, this is the wipe solution that i use - i don't know who came up with it (except that i did eventually).)

i pour it into a spray bottle so that i can spray-wet my cloth wipes.  i found it wasteful to pour the solution in the container with them.  spraying is enough, and it lasts longer/goes further that way.

1 - 16 ounce bottle of water
2 tsp dr. bronners baby soap
2 tsp grapeseed oil (you can find this on the shelf near the essential oils)
4-5 drops organic lavender oil
4-5 drops organic tea tree oil

i use one of the old huggies containers to hold my wipes when they are wet - i just spray one side, fold in half, and put in the container.  it holds enough for about one day.  when it is empty, i just leave the container open to air dry.  i haven't had any musty smells or anything.  i wash the wipes with the diapers (presoak and all) and hang them outside to dry also.

that much solution lasts 1 to 2 weeks.  it hasn't bothered either kendal or holly (rash,etc.) and recently when holly did have a rash (from eating too much cantaloupe) it didn't burn her either.  i've used it on myself (to make sure it was ok) and it was cooling.  i also only shower every other day and i use it on a washcloth to "sponge bathe" on the "other" day.  i love the way it smells and it makes me feel clean and refreshed.  i do not use it on my face, though, just because my skin is so sensitive.  i do use it on their face and it hasn't bothered them.

so, maybe someone else can try it too! cloth wipes are great!  (these are the wipes i have, i got 2 packs of them and they are enough for 2 days of diapers/wipes if we are home.)


  1. why is that TMI? you go all weekend sometimes without showering. i atleast give an attempt to clean myself.

    heck, some old people don't ever shower. and, the bottle of dr. bronners recommends not showering (have you read it?)

    i'm "crunchy", but not that crunchy. ha! (i.e., i don't need patchouli to cover up my odor - yet! rather, i prefer lavender and tea tree oil. oh, and i still wear "real" deodorant.)



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