Saturday, February 14, 2009

a few of my favorite things...

1. sunrise biscuit kitchen. it is the best place to get breakfast in a 100+ mile radius. (the next closest place would be acre station in beaufort county.) 2. the way kendal sleeps on his belly... with his knees up under him. i swear he's chooses not to crawl, because i know he can do everything BUT crawl. he sleeps with his butt in the air. 3. work on a saturday morning. i know this is a strange thing to like, but i like working while everyone is playing... more than working when noone is here. something about having things going around me makes my working more effecient. kinda like usually when i have work to do, i say "lets go on a trip" (hence why we've gone to the zoo for 2 weeks in a row). i work very well in the car. 4. dr. brown's bottles. holly gets such a good suction on those things. i kinda thought there for a while she was gonna be a platex drop in kinda of girl, but she still prefers the dr. brown's. yay. i like them better too, even if they are harder (more laber intensive) to wash. 5. a-rod, even if he did do steriods. he is a good looking man to me. i like it when he is on the news all the time. (i can see nathaniel rolling his eyes right now.) 6. speaking of nathaniel, today is our anniversary! yay! two wonderful, fun-filled years. we've had so much good times already, someone should write a song about it. 7. build a bear. kendal loves his monk monk, and last night mink mink rubbed holly's eyes to sleep. it was cute. i can tell she'll love hers as much as k loves his. 8. kisses... i just got one from kendal when i gave him more sunrise biscuit. he loves them too! (the biscuits). kendal also likes going to the trash dump with nathaniel, which has turned into a weekend regular now. 9. straws. i wish i could drink everything out of them. even beer. but, that would look weird. but... why? why can't you drink beer from a straw? ok i'm gonna stop there. who really needs 10 favorite things at 10 am on a saturday anyway?

1 comment:

  1. Funny. Gabe's favorite thing too is riding with Gary to the trash dump!



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