Tuesday, February 10, 2009

how you know its time for a new wardrobe

i'm not quite sure i'm ready for stacy and clinton yet, but the truth of the matter is... is that its been several years since i've needed a non-maternity wardrobe. i suppose the winter of 07 i did buy some regular (non-maternity) clothes, but even those have not been tried on yet (post holly-birth). i'm so scared they won't fit (and i'm most certian that most will not). nothing is more disappointing that putting on "fat" clothes that are too tight. but when it is 25 degrees outside, i really can't get outside and walk! (and, honestly, i'm not much of an indoor worker-outer). so, yes, i'm still wearing maternity clothes. they are all too big (way too big, most fall off constantly, and the shirts make me look like i'm still pregnant just by the way the gathers fall). but, i'm home most of the time so i don't really care . but... these past few days of the warm sunshine have reminded me that when it comes springtime, i'm SOL when it comes to a wardrobe (because when its warm, i like to get out)! really. i've been pregnant for the past 2 summers. and... this is what i looked like the summer before that (2006 - the first weekend in may, when nathaniel and my sisters and i were running the walkamerica "walk" - nathaniel was taking the picture.) and if no one else will say it outloud, i will. i'm quite a bit bigger now than i was then. and i can partly blame it on 2 babies + all the stretched skin that goes along with them, but i can also blame it on eating too much and not exercising (which may go right back to the baby part?!?). well i'm done with babies (for a while if not forever), so these past few warm days, i've taken full advantage of the pavement. this spring, i'd like to start back up my old non-pregnant routine of running 5ks. hopefully by the spring it'll also mean that my body will have shaped up a little so that i won't feel so yucky trying on summer clothes. p.s. why does it cost so much to start exercising? i suppose that means i'll really need to get a jogging stroller - its kinda hard to run when you kick/trip on the stroller every other step. oh, and a new pair of sneakers (since my old pair are worn out)... p.s.s. i don't even want to think about a bathing suit yet...


  1. Check Craig's list for a jogging stroller -- especially since you need a double jogger (around $450 usually).

    Let's do Komen this year. Rob will be gone and I'll just plan a few weeks in NC to coincide... what do you think? Kate too... maybe even mom! I think my girls could do it, even if just walking it and I could pull the boys in a wagon (if mom did want to walk). Then y'all come up here in October when Komen is run in Louisville!

    And, on the weight issue, remember how long it took you to put on the weight (ie 9 minths) and that is a realistic goal for getting it off... which means I have 3 more months to get Sam's weight off :-p

  2. I'm all for komen! i'd like to do march of dimes too analee, (it is usually earlier than Komen, march-may vs June-July) there is a 2 day race in Charlotte in October for breast cancer (www.avonwalk.org) i know it's a long way to come to walk but you and holly can always come to clayton. it's a pretty walk, and you'd have some company!!

  3. Don't feel bad. I only have one baby, but still have the extra 40 pounds of weight I am carrying around. I did lose 40, but 40 more to go is daunting. And yes for anyone reading this other than Analee, I did gain 85 pounds when all was said and done! I am slowly getting there and at least am back in a size 14 which right now is a miracle. I don't think the size 8's are possible ever again, though! Keep me posted on any runs/walks you do-maybe I can join!

  4. I've found the only thing(s) that ever, ever work in losing weight/getting in shape are:

    Watching what you eat and not eating as much of it.

    Consistent exercising/stepping it up when it gets too easy.

    Discipline. Discipline. Discipline.




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