Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Tribute to the Paci!

It occured to me last night that it's officially been over a month now that Kendal went "cold turkey" without a pacifier. One of the rules at his new daycare was that once they started in the toddler room, they couldn't have bottles and they couldn't have pacis. I kinda had mixed feelings about the paci part of it, but I understand it is for sanitary purposes. Toddlers just don't understand to NOT put others' pacis in their mouths, and the thought of Kendal having another kids' paci in his mouth (or having another kid take his and put it in his mouth) makes my stomach turn. So, I agreed with their rule. It is now time to have a tribute to Kendal's time with the paci. He loved his paci, and so did I. I remember when I used to count how many time he'd suck on it.
2 months
6 months
9 months
12 month baby - the paci was clearly a comfort here!
12 month boy - i have to include this one because this one is after the haircut, when he instantly turned into a boy!
15 months - again a comfort, this one was after his surgery
16 months - the week before he "quit" the paci!
i always loved the way it framed his sweet little cheeks. but, he really doesn't miss it. now he always takes holly's out of her mouth then tries to put it back in there. even one night when he was SO SO SO upset (teething) (and this was after i made mom and dad swear they wouldn't give him a paci if i let him spend the night with them), we offered him a paci and he didn't take it. so last week (or was it the week before), we threw all of his away. it was kinda sad, i kinda miss them on his face. but, i suppose seeing his lips is even better! he's gotten better at closed mouth kisses too! that's good news!


  1. There is a part in a great book "Digging to America" where a family decides they have to get their (I think 2 or 3) year old off the binky (which is what they called it in the book; seems some folks call it binky, some paci). Anyway, they finally had a Binky Liberation Party where they tied all of the kid's binkies (and she had A LOT of them) to the end of blown up balloons and let them all float way. Some hilarious results, I might add.

    Good job, big boy Kendal!!!

  2. I still have the one you left here just in case he had to have it the night he spent the night with us! Can I keep it? It's in the back of the silverware drawer...Kendal had such a good color assortment--they always seemed to match his shirt or his hair!



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