Tuesday, February 3, 2009

its a bad bad bad bad cold

i've had a cold for a week now. by the end of last week, my sinuses were so congested that they were throbbing and it felt like i had fire inside my face. ouch. i visited the CVS minute clinic (worth it!) and got antibiotics + a recommendation for other OTC meds that have finally started to work. since i've gotten this cold, i haven't noticed much that i couldn't smell... until yesterday. i was holding holly and smelling her head, which usually has a sweet sweet smell. i smelled nothing. so i gave her a bath, thinking that would bring back the baby smell. nope - still nothing. i decided it was my nose more than it was her head. likewise, she's been pooping a lot and i've not once smelled it. i'd say this is the #1 best benefit of the sinus infection (probably the ONLY benefit). i also have not been able to smell bo's nasty bad breath, nor taste any of the yummy food we've cooked - not even the fajitas we got last saturday night. that sucked. so anyway, my taste buds are finally getting a little better, as is my nose. today i smelled poop. today i tasted honey. today i also tasted my medicine. YUCK!

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