Friday, February 13, 2009

MRIs for Peds

yesterday kendal had an MRI. i thought, just for the historical record of it, i'd log a few moments of the day: 5:30 am: i got up and took a shower. kendal stayed up late the night before, so we were also tired from a lack of sleep. 6:15 am: i got kendal up from a hard sleep, he naturally cried and hit and fought me as i changed his diaper and put him in the car. i didn't fight him back this time because i knew why he was fighting me... because he was tired, sleepy, hungry, and thirsty. 6:30 am: we left for wake med. 7:15 am: got to wake med. 7:30 am: checked in and registered, went to MRI waiting area. 8:00 am: kendal and i were playing at a crazy mirror and he bent over too far, i wasn't holding him well enough, and he fell and bumped his head. got a carpet burn on his 'noggin! 8:10 am: went to kendal's room for the morning. we watched sesame street and played with bubbles and read some books. kendal was very fussy, as he was sleep deprived, thirsty, and hungry. 8:30 am: the nurse practictioner came in to clear him for sedation. to my surprise, i recognized our FNP because she used to work at our pediatrician's office. actually, her name is holly. when holly was being named this past summer, it was from hollyFNP that i got her name (not necessarily named for her, just got the idea from her.) anyway, i was trying to pick holly's middle name and i called my friend and nurse, michelle, who also works at the dr office to see if she'd ask hollyFNP what her middle name was. anyway, that was the first day that holly wasn't there. she had taken a job with wake med - how surprising it was to see her there yesterday! it was nice to get to tell her that story though. 8:40 am: they gave him the med to sedate him... it was a bait and switch... some sweet syrup to get him to want to drink it, then they switched it to the bitter nasty sleepy stuff. he took it all, though, fussed through it, but took it all like a champ. however, from that point on he was 110% temper. (again, tired, hungry, thirsty) so i put him down in the crib. within 5 minutes he was fast asleep. she hooked him up to the machines to monitor his heart and breathing rate and oxygen saturation... which got low because he was congested. so, he got a little oxygen. 9:00 am: he was getting situated on the slider table to go into the MRI machine. still sleeping. they put little ear thingys on him to help muffle the loud ticks and tocks the magnet makes. as the technician locked me in the room with kendal and the machine, he said "do you want a blanket? it is cold in here, this will take about 25 minutes!" i declined 9:30 am: i had ice in my hair and frostbite on my fingers and toes (i was not wearing a jacket). burr. kendal was done, and still sleeping. they pulled him out and moved him back onto the stretcher and wheeled him down to the blood draw lab for more tests ordered by our neurologist. 10:00 am: he woke up waiting for the blood to be drawn. he was like an old drunk man... pointing and talking at everything and everybody. it was HILARIOUS and i wish i had my camera to record it. everyone was laughing at (with) him. when they drew his blood, though, the laughter turned to anger and from that point on... he was back to temper tantrum. 10:15 am: he sloppily drank some apple juice, still mad from the blood draw. 10:30 am: we were in the car, he's still mad. 11:00 am: i was starving so i stopped at bojangles and got a kids meal. i figured he may want some biscuit. well, he ate half the biscuit and half the fries. sometimes he'd go to sleep eating a fry. it'd be hanging out his mouth like tuter and a cigarette... his eyes would be half shut/open, but his body completely still. i even had to pull over a couple of times to make sure he was ok. 11:30 am until 7:06 pmwe finally made it home. he ate and ate and ate all day. cheerios, spagetti, oranges,... you name it. he even took a 2 hour nap. we ended the day with two nasty diapers, per warning from the sedation nurse. at 7:06 pm kendal said "nite nite" and went to bed. he slept ALL night. hard. today he was fine. we'll find out next week or so how the mri and blood work was. i'll post that when we find out.


  1. I'm sure all will be fine. Boy, wish you'd gotten a few pix of that "drunken" behavior!

  2. Okay I am behind the times, appartently. Why did RKT have to have an MRI? Why didn't I know?!?



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