Monday, February 9, 2009

A first for me...

this year, for the FIRST TIME EVER i watched (most of) an awards show! i really enjoyed the coldplay and jay-z collaboration, that was really awesome - but really, who picks out coldplay's clothes? lead singer's shirt was way too short. wacko. anyway, i thought it was a really good program, i really had never heard of any songs by both alison krauss and robert plant (i.e. beauty and the beast). but, i liked it. i'm interested in actually hearing more of them (him) now!


  1. I used to watch the Grammy's and all sorts of other shows like that all of the time. But, I guess it got tired of it because I haven't seen the Grammy's in probably 15 years.
    I don't know half of the music these days; maybe even more than half.
    So, I don't watch them now! Plus, we don't have Cable so it would be hard to watch them here, anyway!

  2. I watched, too, at least until 11:00. That is my limit. Anyway, I thought it was a great show with some interesting collaborations minus the Jonas Brothers and Stevie Wonder. I don't get the hype around those boys. Also, I loved Kanye West and Estelle-great song. That and the Oscars are the only ones I care to watch.



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