Wednesday, February 18, 2009

who's favorite flowers?

nathaniel brought me flowers tonight. and i love the flowers he brought me... though they aren't those in the picture above, i'm not sure what they're called. just some sort of orange iris type flower. anyway, i thanked him but i noticed... he always buys me the same type of flower. i wondered, did i mention that i particularly liked this flower? i didn't think so, not that i don't like it, because i do - really, any woman is lucky to get flowers, right? (beggars can't be choosy!) but i wasn't sure why i always got THAT flower. so i said... "are these your favorite flower?" he said... "well aren't they yours? or don't you like them? they are orange, you know!" isn't that cute. he gets them because they are orange. he's right! they are orange. and i do love orange. i'd paint my whole house orange if people wouldn't drive by and stare. (well, orange and green. i do love green too.) anyway, thanks babe for the orange flowers! they look pretty in the white firewhatever vase that kate gave me!


  1. So not only was he being thoughtful for buying flowers, he was being extra thoughtful because they were your favorite color flowers! He ought to score major points for that one!

  2. They are called Alstroemerias aka Peruvian Lilies.

  3. Mr. B brought me tulips that other particular favorite.

    Man, how'd we get so damn lucky, Analee?



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