Thursday, February 26, 2009

kendal's first sick day

although we were cleared from the doctor to go back to school, kendal didn't seem to feel 100% well yesterday morning, and since nathaniel had brought home his work (plus kate was coming to babysit holly since i had to go into work), he stayed home and so did kendal. turns out that was a good idea, because as the day grew long, his fever returned. (still no rash which is a typical sign that fifths if over.) anyway, we had some fun with the camera taking some sweet sweet pictures of the kids. kendal loves his sister SO so much. if only the pictures really captured it all. (yea, i noticed in the camera as i took these pictures that she had spit up. sorry for that - but these are too cute not to share!) ah. blanket will work to cover up spit up until i can wash sheets! boy kendal thought it was the finest thing in the world to have his sister laying on top of him! a video would have been better here!!! k&k in the ball tent... a favorite pasttime (again... thanks mark and amy! they seem to hit the jackpot on cool toys!) kendal also likes having her in his lap. whenever he is borderline tempertantrum, usually putting her in his lap will either stop it from happening, or delay it (if it was gonna happen anyway). where is her nose? sweet, huh? holly is a tough chick, she puts up with a lot, but i think she likes it! she watches him as much as he watches her!!!


  1. Stop posting these beautiful pictures!! If you keep it up you are going to make me want to get started on #2!

    Seriously, though, they are so amazing, and I can only imagine how peaceful and satisfying it is to sit and stare at them as they form this loving bond!

  2. "peaceful"?

    last night (which was a repeat of the four days), world war three happens when i try to feed him dinner. aparently the old favorite (grilled cheese and oranges) is not the favorite anymore, and only startes the screaming for the night... which ends up in NO dinner and NO drinking (no, he won't even drink milk or juice or water, no matter WHICH cup i put it in). not because i don't offer him everything in the house, but once he starts that temper tantrum, he won't stop. not even cookies or crackers will get him out of it. or chicken nuggets, JUST LIKE THE ONES he eats at daycare. what is it about MY making them? he won't eat anything for me. nothing. not even cheerios these days.

    maybe i should start sending you the grumpy photos... you know, the screaming banchee photos (of kendal, since he is SO frustrated because he won't walk or crawl... STILL), and the 2am feeding photos with holly (which i haven't any, since taking pictures at 2am is the furthest thing from my mind!), and the piles and piles of dirty bottles and laundry and diapers (have you forgotten how many dirty diapers a newborn goes through?) and of coarse the mounds and mounds of enfamil cans that accumulate in the garage... oh and don't forget how much money all those cans represent, and the money for all those size 1 diapers.

    once they switch to milk and get on human food, their bowels get regular and the diaper use cuts down. i know you still have to use them, but it isn't like 15 to 20 a day, you know? (like maybe 8 a day). and $25 per can of formula? thankfully she's still on 4 oz bottles. i remember when kendal ate 48 ounces a DAY. we went through a can in about 2 to 3 days. yea. that was expensive.

    she doesn't eat like he did, though. even the doctor said something about how she was a light eater. but, she's growing plenty, so we aren't worried!

    and would you want to go through teething AGAIN? come stay with us for a weekend. that'll fix ya for birth control!!! :)



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