Monday, February 16, 2009

they happen in threes

you know how "they" say things happen in threes? well, let me tell you the three things that happened to kate, mom, holly, and me today! 1. we drove dad's car today to wake forest. when we were leaving the tea room to walk over to the red door, dad's car alarm was going off. random. we didn't even know it had an alarm. 2. when we were checking out at the tea room, the credit card machine wouldn't work because the phone was ringing. on the phone was a emergency responder letting the red door employee know that a person next door at the tea room was unconscious and the EMS was on the way. kate, holly, and i hurriedly went out the door and moved our car (we were parked right in front). 3. as we swung around the block to pick mom up (she was still checking out), we noticed debris falling from the sky. we wondered if it was snow, though it was 44 degrees outside. turns out, the new town hall which is under construction was on fire. it was 2 blocks over, and the wind was blowing the ashes our way.

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