Tuesday, February 10, 2009

question of ethics?

maybe i'll say this all the wrong way... but, the media (and maybe the law) is questioning the ethics behind a doctor allowing this lady to be impregnated with 8 fertilized eggs. right? we've all seen that on the news. my thoughts: I. since when did a doctor (i.e. a fertility doctor or an OBGYN) become the person to decide whether or not you were eligible to become a mother?
  1. IVF eligibility requirements ( must be preapproved by a doctor according to the media)
a. must be married b. must be have a job, or have a source of income (i.e. a husband with a job) c. must not on welfare d. must not have 6 other kids e. must not look like angelina II. are they (the media) going to start bashing doctors who perform 8 or more abortions on an individual? seems the reverse should also apply... if you shouldn't be allowed to have 8 babies, then you also shouldn't be allowed to get pregnant 8 times and abort... now don't misunderstand me to think that it is ok for this lady to expect to live off of the government (or other public handouts) to raise her children, but... i just think the way the media has blown this story out of the water is interesting! what about the babies? are they ok? do they not realize how LUCKY she is to have 8 babies? this story is a miracle, no matter if it started in a lab or not! on the same note, i don't envy her at all. sometimes i can't even handle two! :)


  1. Like a lot of other things the media is spending way too much time on this story. Along with Michael Phelps "supposedly" smoking pot and Jessica Simpson definitely packing on some poundage.

    I have to admit. When the media picks up on something and goes on about it non stop, I immediately decide I don't give a rat's a$$ about it and stop paying attention.

  2. I don't know what to think about this. Was it the smartest choice? No. Is it her body, her life? Yes. She genuinely seems to love her children and with family help and support, who are we to judge? As long as those babies are loved and taken care of, then I am happy with that.



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