Wednesday, February 11, 2009

one reason i don't like antibiotics

i know that some of you are probably expecting me to complain about how antibiotics upset my stomach (or worse!)... but i'm not. i'm not even gonna complain about the horrible metallic taste they left in my mouth for 10 days straight. but what i will complain about is the bad, repetitive dreams they caused/allowed me to have during their tour of duty in my body. for the past week and a half, i've had the same dream, more or less, every night - sometimes several times a night. i've dreamed that i've been in a car crash, into a water body, and i have both children and can only save one. sometimes i'm in rushing river, sometimes just a cold and dark, murky pond. sometimes i'm in an SUV, sometimes in a small 2-door car, or my vibe. once i was even in a truck & both kids were in the back seat (in their carseats of coarse). in all instances the action of the wreck was slow motion and did not injure me or the kids, it was the resultant infilling of water into the mostly submerged vehicle (of which the windows were electronic and i could neither roll them down nor kick them out since the outside pressure was greater than the inside pressure) which caused me to have to choose which child to save. as the car filled, i had to wait until the car was nearly full before i could kick out a window. i couldn't hold both kids in the air AND kick out a window. fortunately i never got to that point in the dream... i just knew it was coming, i was always trying to plan how to handle it (how to save us all). i always woke up in a panic, sometimes in tears, in a struggle, etc. ALWAYS glad that i awoke NOT in that situation. towards the end of the antibiotics, i think i had become "used to" having the dreams, so much so that when the car crashed and started sinking, my first instinct was to go ahead and roll the windows down as the car started to crash (planning ahead)... or, i'd wake up before the car would submerge (thus avoiding the decision part). anyway, i'm glad i'm off of those antibiotics. even more, i'm glad i'm not sick anymore.


  1. I have similar dreams all of the time. I don't mean like yours (scary) but the same dream over and over but at different times in my life.

    And, for whatever reason, I keep dreaming about my ex husband. In the dream, he wanders into a situation as if we are still married and nothing has changed. I sit there thinking, "What are YOU doing here? Where is Mark?" while he acts like he has every right to be there.

    I have not seen him in almost 10 years and have not heard from in in probably 3, so, I'm not sure why this keeps going on!

  2. I love my non-electronic windows... ;) They also aren't (and have no need to be) "kid-proof"! I doubt that anyone thought about that when they made windows only able to go half-way down...

  3. I think this particular dream is a mommy dream and has nothing to do with the antibiotics. You know right there at the corner of Fowler and Dukes Lake -- near our house over there-- there is a hill and then the dam with water. That way was the fastest way home a lot of times for me. I would dream about coming over the hill and a deer being there and instinctively veering the car -- into the water. I refused to go that way. I would go five more miles down the road in order to avoid a standing body of water -- especially at night. It is, by far, my #1 fear as a mom.



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