Thursday, February 12, 2009

the new and improved bo update

last week, we took bo into the vet for a urinalysis... turns out he still had a UTI and a few small stones, so we started him on a strong 5-day regimen of antibiotics. the last day of those pills was monday. unfortunately, though, on saturday (or was that sunday?) he peed on the floor. that also was a day of cleaning (guess that means it was saturday). bo is scared to death of the vacuum. so, we took him back to the vet to make sure his infection was clear. funny thing, though, is that when bo gets in the car, he has to ride in a crate, lined with newspaper (several layers of it) because he pees... he pees a lot -- and the car doesn't even have to be on nor does he even have to be IN the car (just the crate with the paper, near the car)! so, he usually has to spend the night at the vet because they have to wait for his bladder to fill again. so, anyway, last night for bo was no different. he stayed at the vet. while he was there, they also did a XRAY of him to make sure he didn't have any more stones (the fact he peed on the floor again bothered her too). the results: no stones, no infection. why did he pee? because he is a spazamataz. we had already discussed the fact that although stress doesn't cause stones, stress causes a cat to #1 not eat, #2 not drink which those two things cause a cat to #3 get stones. so, indirectly for bo, stress can cause stones. what did she want to do about that? put bo on amitriptyline of coarse! funny thing is that's a drug i've used before (but hated it because of the horrible side effects) as a migraine preventative. it didn't work for me, but i have tried it. so starting tomorrow, bo will start his antidepressants. we'll see how that works to prevent the whole stone-infection-peeonthefloor cycle. as for the PU surgery, i'm keeping him on the schedule for now (planned for early march). either way, he has to have his teeth cleaned, so he'll be going in for that anyway. if this helps him by then, then we may just wait on the PU. i have a gut feeling that this will help. well, the amitriptlyne and a good steam clean of the carpet!

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  1. It's definitely good to know the source of the problem!
    I bet the drugs will help.



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