Sunday, February 22, 2009

the love of a brother!

this isn't even a good video of it, either!


  1. I love that video. I can't wait to see how Gabe interacts with a brother or sister! Also, that is the first shot of Kendal I have seen that he looks like Nathaniel! For a minute it looked just like him. Holly looked so pretty, what was the occasion?

  2. well nathaniel will be happy to hear you say that, though he'll think you're lying. haha. he does look like him a little, the older he gets the more he looks like "us" i think. holly, though, holly looks even more like me than kendal did at this point. lol.

    he just loves her so much. his physical therapist always says "i hope you're getting this on video" which always reminds me that i'm not. which is why i finally got a video of it. he does it ALL the time... and usually for longer and much much sweeter.

    and if you heard him say "all" in there, that is how he says holly. he looks for her every morning, first thing. and when i pick him up from daycare, he looks for her and wants to kiss her before we put on his coat to leave. i wish he'd always treat her this special.

    she wasn't dressed up for any occasion except just that i wanted her to wear a dress, and those shoes finally fit her. that's it. she's usually sporting a jumper. :)

  3. This reminds me SO much of Faith with Josh -- she was a month older than Rocket, but had the same sweetness. See if he will say sister. You know, Faith couldn't say brother -- it came out "bubba" which is why we call him Bubba. I don't video nearly enough either

  4. Very sweet! I like the fact that Holly was looking right at the camera for a bit, too.

    It's nice Kendal loves her so much; I've heard horror stories of jealous older children...

    Glad you won't be having that issue!



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