Saturday, February 14, 2009

my so thoughtful valentaversary gift(s)

well i'll start with what i was most impressed with. and i know most of you will think this is lame, but if you've been reading my blogs, then you know about my wacky repeat dreams about crashing into a water body and having to pick a child to save because of the whole can't bust out the window because the car has to fill first dilemma. well, nathaniel got me a 6 in 1 emergency tool that includes a tempered glass hammer (which if you know anyone with a junk car, i'd love to try it out), a siren, a flashing light, a radio, and a generator for the back-up rechargable battery. sweet, huh? i also got the DVD of raising arizona (probably the ONLY coen brothers movie i've not seen 1000 times)... and the robert plant/allison krauss cd that won so many awards last weekend on the grammys. should have listened to it today. don't know why i didn't. and i gave him socks. socks. one measly pair of smartwool socks. (that was my "thoughtful" and "pennysaver" valentaversary gift... how cheesy. how crappy. but, he liked them. i guess. he got a pair for christmas and was sad when he thought he lost one, when actually they just got split between loads, so only 1 was cleaned at a time.) so, the day is nearly over and i'm beat. i cleaned the floors downstairs. finally got around to using that steam cleaner we bought with our credit card thank you points!


  1. Those are nice gifts...even the socks :-)
    Mr. B and I decided a few years ago (after #1 anniversary)and several V-Days to not give each other gifts, rather, save that money for travel, etc.

    Also, we make our own V-Day dinner at home. Seriously, I don't know how a restaurant's could have been better than ours last night.

    But, we do still go out to eat on our anniversary!

  2. That's right! Happy Anniversary!

    Well, Gary and I said we weren't giving each other gifts, either, but you know what that really means, right? Of course you are still supposed to get me a gift! I got him one, then felt bad that he felt bad for not getting me one. It was complicated! Anyway, when a girl says she doesn't want anything, she really wants something. And they say we play too many games....



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