Monday, May 10, 2010

10 days with daniel

after seeing all the fruit and veggie stands loaded with brightly colored produce (and a grill it with bobby flay episode today where they made grilled watermelon), i've decided that maybe the time has come for me to try the daniel fast. i've arbitrarily picked 10 days as my goal.

the daniel fast is basically a vegan diet except stricter.

Food That You Can Eat In The Daniel Diet:
All Whole Grains
All Legumes/ Beans
All Vegetables
All Fruits
All Nuts and Seeds
All quality Oil
Pure Water and Juice
Vinegar, Salt, Herbs and Spices

Food to Avoid in Daniel Diet:
All Dairy products
All Meat and Animal Products
All Deep Fried food
All Sweeteners and Sugar Substitutes
All Leavened Bread
All Food Made By White flour
All Food containing preservatives or additives
All Caffeine, Carbonated and Alcohol Beverages
All Solid Fats
White rice

i don't eat much meat as it is.  i do eat sugar, so that will be tough to eliminate for 10 days.  i rarely eat bread or anything that isn't fresh/whole right out of the fridge or freezer.  will have to give up rice, which is one of my staples.  and, no butter.  :(  oh, no tea either.  no tea, coffee - nothing, except water.  i can make freshly squeezed fruit juice which i do all the time already.  oh, and no cheese or eggs.  whew, that one will be the hardest.  suppose i shall be buying a calcium supplement!

tofu = bad.  i'll be putting NO soy products into my diet during the fast - i consider soy an altered product since it is impossible to find GMO free. that's  my own add-in to the diet!

darn it, i left mark and amy's recipe book at their house... guess the internet will have to do for ideas! 


  1. Can I stick with the Faniel diet, and bypass the Daniel diet?

  2. I'm with him.....

    No eggs or cheese? No thanks.

    You would be proud to know I have only had one diet coke in 3 days!!!!!

  3. My only question.


    Seriously, this sounds like the epitome of the saying "Diet is die with a t!"

  4. BTW this is a good site to search on recipes of all sorts, including ones in magazines (e.g., Cooking Light, Gourmet).

  5. amy - probably my main reason is very selfish: i want to see if it will help my migraines. my aunt and cousin did the diet for lent this past year (all 40 days) and didn't have migraines for the whole time. second, i think i could use the body cleansing. third, i think i could use the focus in prayer - sometimes i get so bogged down in the wrong things, i guess, i am hoping this will open my eyes and heart and soul to HIM. i guess, another way to say #3, is i think i need an attitude adjustment and i think this is the way God wants me to get it. :)



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