Tuesday, May 25, 2010

bad news about BPA

"First used in Germany, in the nineteen-thirties, bisphenol A has a chemical structure similar to that of estrogen, but was considered too weak to be developed into a contraceptive pill."

why do we still have this on store shelves?  i can tell you for sure it isn't in our house!!!  if you ever use the baby food in the plastic container, you are feeding your baby food stored in this type of plastic!  i'm talking about BPA - #7 plastic!!!  check it - even the organic gerber - yup - #7 plastic!!!  if you are gonna buy yo' baby food, get it in glass jars!  and if you ever open a can of food and see it lined with plastic, you better not eat that either - that plastic lining is BPA!  lots of the older baby bottles and sippy cups were #7 too, but they are pretty much phased out now.  BPA is still on the shelf, but companies are advertising "BPA FREE" to lure you in (which is a good thing).  BPA FREE (or just plastic free in general) is the only way to go.

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  1. Eventually there should be no reason why our house should not be plastic free. Anything that comes in plastic can be replaced by glass or eliminated.



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