Thursday, May 6, 2010

Analee's Wish List

yesterday, nathaniel said "i have to get you something for mother's day" at which point i said "a new lens?" and then he said something along the lines of he wouldn't know where to start or what he was looking at/for, etc.  in case you were wondering, my power of suggestion (for gifts) typically doesn't work for him.  for example, i asked for a side-by-side double stroller for about 3 holidays before we actually got one.  and yes, nathaniel, i know you're reading this and i'm not trying to "suggest" now.  it is a list for me too, so i can keep up with what i want!

so, without further ado, a post about what i want for my camera.  not that i'll ever get any of it.  camera accessories are expensive and, well, i don't have a job.  so, the more pictures of YOU i can take, then the more money i can SAVE and thus BUY things like these.  these lenses (and accessories) will improve my photo quality.

this list is not in order.


2.  i really want this fisheye lens - but i suppose in the spirit of saving money, these filters will be ok (though they are hardly a replacement).

3. 85mm lens like this one with an f/1.8.  i would prefer one with 1.4, but we're talking like almost TRIPLE the price for that tiny bit of [aperture] ratio. so, um, i guess if someone would say "hey, spend $1400 for me", i'd take this one.

4. yea, so this one is for when i make it "big."  i suppose i can always dream.  i know i have lenses that already cover this "zoom" range, but what makes this one different, again, is the f/2.8.  my lenses are f/3.5-5.6 which means i need more light.

5. a flash

6.  a high-performance card

7. a remote for the shutter...
8. a nice tripod.
9. a 35mm prime lens

oh, a girl can dream, right?  oh wait.  next i'll be wanting an updated camera.  don't worry.  my "next" camera will be compatible with all these things!  :)  i'll definitely upgrade with another nikon! 

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  1. Bah, humbug to wish lists. That takes all the fun out of giving a gift to someone, and ruins the originality. I can't think of one lame gift I have ever given you. A miner's lode of jewelry (ha,ha, punny), off the wall stuff like a car window breaker, and original stuff like homemade flowers that never die...

    From the heart is always better than from a list.



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