Wednesday, May 12, 2010

5:31 am

for the past 5 or 6 mornings,  the first bird chirped at 5:31. s/he made 2 or 3 chirps and then the rest of the morning birds joined in. sort of like a band leader saying "one, two, three" and the rest of the band starting to play the music for him to sing. on monday morning, kendal was in the bed with us.  nathaniel was already gone to work by this point, so it was just kendal and me.  he was awake too and he said "mommie, birds awake!"  it took a lot of explaining for him to go back to sleep.  it wasn't light by any means - and no way was i letting him get up at 5:31 am for the day.

this morning, however, it was 5:34 when i heard the first chirp.  i wonder why the little bird slept in.  i was waiting for him!

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