Tuesday, May 25, 2010

trip to RDU

kendal, holly, and i took an outing over to the RDU observation last week and rather than taking 70 to lumley road like i usually do, i went over to briar creek because i had to get lunch (we went to moe's because #1 they have cheese ques. that the kids can eat and #2 beans plus salad that i can eat). so after we left there, we went down the briar creek parkway over to lumley road and crossed over I540.  when we got to the runways, kendal said "go that way!" and actually pointed the right way to go to the observation area.

they were super excited for about the first 10 minutes, but there was another mom and 2 kids there and those 2 kids were running all around up and down the access ramp (accessing the parking lot to the observation deck) and kendal and holly wanted to run up and down it too - and i wouldn't let them. so, we had drama until those kids left.  then another kid showed up and he was excited about the airplanes but by that point kendal wanted to go home.

anyway, i got some cute pictures and a video

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