Friday, May 21, 2010


mom got kendal a book about trucks and in the book it has pictures of every type of truck you can imagine with word name beside it.  i mean, dump trucks, fire trucks, ladder trucks, cranes, trash trucks, dump trucks, car carrier trucks, pick-up trucks, etc.  hundred different trucks.

yesterday we went to the airport to watch the airplanes (that video is forthcoming...).  as soon as we got on 540, kendal said "mommy, look!  dump truck!  trash truck!  carrier truck!"  he was naming all the trucks.  it was adorable.

on the way home last night, a pick-up truck crossed us as we were stopped at a stop sign.  he said "mommy, what kind of truck was that?"  i said "pick-up truck".  he said "ok, hic-up truck.  hic-up!  hic-up!  hic-up!"

he's such a ham.

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  1. At least he can say the "TR" sound. My kids used "F" instead of "TR" until they were 2-1/2! Quite embarrassing when you're out walking and your 2 year old screams "Look! F-UCK!"



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