Wednesday, May 5, 2010

before and after

i had a friend ask me if i could touch up some of her pet pictures - she was having trouble with eye reflection for both a dog and a cat. 
i gave it my best shot - just so you know, "red eye" correction doesn't work for pets.  their eyes reflect green.  it was not as easy as i thought and actually became an art project to correct.

so, here are my before and afters... (remember, these are her pictures, not mine...)

the first one: by the way, i love a brindle colored dog.  he looks like the rock "gneiss".  if he was mine, his name would be gneiss.  his or her. whatever.  gneiss would be the name.  :)
that was the first one i did. not only were his pupils green, but his acual cornea was red (blood shot?).  the end result was pupils that were a little too black, but it was hard to get it otherwise.  eh, it was my first try.  i was learning.

so, here is #2.

what a gneiss dog, isn't he cute with that underbite?  this one was a little better.  i was more "experienced" i guess.  haha.

this last one was the doozie.  cats pupils aren't round, they are more oval/elongated.  i learned a lot about changing the shape of my "brush" in photoshop.  oh, and of coarse i know more and more about layers...

i thought the cat turned out ok.  his/her eyes are black, but i looked up other pictures of cats online and their eyes are black like that too.

if you've ever had that problem,  i guess the only things you can do to avoid that is to #1 not use a flash (at all) or #2 use a directional flash (so that you aren't flashing directly into their eyes).  you'd have to have a (d)SLR with an auxiliary flash for this option.  remember, you'll never get reflections (red eye, green eye) using natural light (no flash)!!!  natural is always the best option.  if it is darker out, use a tripod and slow down that shutter!


  1. Analee!!!! OMG I'm so sorry they were such trouble! You shouldn't have spent so much time on them!!! But Holy Guacamole they are awesome.... Thank you soooo much! Especially for the pic of my little Tiny Boy!!!! Totally getting that one printed and in a frame! That is my sister's new dog and he is a boxer/boston terrier mix... hence the massive underbite. He looks like a big meanie but he is a doll:) and I really like the name gneiss btw... very cool:)
    Now I just have to figure out how to turn off the flash on my camara.

  2. they weren't "trouble" - i just thought i knew how to do it but after i tried what i thought and that didn't work, then it was a challenge for myself. i HAD to figure it out at that point, you know??? :) i couldn't be defeated by photo editing... hahahaha.

    but, now i know!!! so if you ever need any more, i can do them quickly.



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