Tuesday, May 11, 2010

fun with the Bs

I had a lot of fun with one of my friends from stamp club and her family this past weekend at the old tobacco district in Durham.  Her boys (husband included) were precious.  Her youngest, who is a month older than holly, has the most adorable eyes - they are the perfect shade of blue especially paired with that blonde hair!  Her oldest one - well, he just liked to run and climb which is very appropriate for his age.   (He also had blue eyes and blonde hair - everyone knows i'm a sucker for blonde and blue!)  I am very happy with the pictures and I hope you are too, P!


  1. I love them all... can't wait to get some printed, and the grandmothers are going to love the the little bit late mother's day gift.... They're gorgeous!

  2. Very nice, Analee. I like #16 the most.



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