Monday, May 3, 2010

Holly's First Camping Trip

this past weekend we went camping with some of my friends and their children from washington - we met at fall's lake and had a great time (and i finally got to eat REAL smores!)  the kids had the best time - they played hard hard hard saturday night!  sunday morning we went over to the lake beach but kendal was having issues and wanted to be held thus holly also wanted to be held and it was hot and they were heavy.  he wouldn't let us sit... so anyway, we left early (which was perfect timing to get home in time for lunch, bath, and nap...).  where did spring go?  it is too early for 90 degree days.

we stayed busy picking off (lonestar) ticks and making food and setting up & breaking down campsites & handing our screamer (kendal).  i know i had a hard time sleeping sat. night but it was because i kept "feeling" ticks.  sunday we all (except nathaniel who was graciously cleaning the inside and outside of my car) had long long naps.  i'm still tired today for some reason but the kids are rested now.

it was a great trip though, and i'm sad it took us a year to get it together!  last year we tried it and got rained out.

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  1. Camping - How fun! Pictures are great. We've had tick issues in our backyard this year. Even had one attach to my pregnant belly - seemed a little science fictiony! I wonder if they are more prevalent this year?
    - LK



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